You were very nearly in danger.


This used to be a dangerous website, and you were nearly its latest victim.

This isn't an amazing site, it's been over five years since I last needed to put anything together so I'm using a simple Dreamweaver page and some editing to make it what I want it to be. My expertise was forums, not websites unfortunately.   

If you're seeing this then you've been redirected by a bot from Telegram asking you to select an option like, "help a friend unblock", "receive membership for free", "apply to protect my account", "detect account abnormality".

My first question for you is, why did you select any of those options? You could have lost your account if you'd signed in and continued with this course of action had the website still been live and able to fulfil its intended purpose. 

Somehow, the domain had lapsed and users were still being redirected to this website, so I've purchased it. 

Please do not interact with any random accounts or bots which claim to be Telegram Staff. This is how you lose your accounts. 

If the Telegram Team wants this domain, then I'm happy to transfer it to them. Be safe out there folks.